Interim Management or Consultancy?

There are times when appointing a confident Chief Executive or an experienced General Manager is urgently required. 

Someone who understands the critical situation and can ‘hit the ground running’. A sensibly overqualified professional with the specialist knowledge required and when the job is complete there will be a smooth hand over, with no termination costs. 




Key strengths: 

Hands on with full responsibility, recommends and implements based on practical experience 

Has control over the budget 

Personally delivers tried and tested solutions 

Leads from the front 

Report directly to the Company 

Provides coaching and mentoring of existing staff In place within days due to extensive talent bank 


Potential weakness: 

Success very dependent on individual's ability and experience - They may not have the breadth and depth of knowledge available to a large technical consultancy. Careful selection minimises this risk 


So where can I find an Interim Manager?

To learn about how we can help your company or organisation recruit the right Interim Manager or Interim Director please complete the contact form on this website.